Hayley was caught unawares on 1st March 2017 when a huge bouquet arrived to mark her 10th Anniversary with Gill Cooke Personnel!  She joined our team  when she relocated back to this area in 2007, and spent more than 8 years on our Commercial Temp Desk, filling a variety of office based Temp roles in the area.    Following the birth of her daughter, Hayley has returned on a part-time basis, and is now placing job-seekers into permanent office based roles.   A big thank you to Hayley for both her dedication to her job and 10 years commitment to the company!

Thank you for the thank you!

We know it’s our job, but over the many years of successfully placing people into new jobs whether they are both temporary or permanent, and the success stories we hear from these placements, we are always very touched by the many acknowledgements and notes of gratitude that come our way. So to all those that have expressed their thanks, thank you!!

The Gill Cooke personnel Great British bake off!

Always up for a challenge (especially when there is cake involved!) we ran a sweepstake with a difference whilst this year’s Great British Bake Off was being televised.  We all drew a name of one of the competitors, and as they were ejected, that member of our Team was tasked with providing a bake for the whole office!!  This has guaranteed a 12 week run of cake and bakes, all of which were delicious!!

Saving stamps for charity

Since 1989 we have happily acted as a local “depot” for used stamps, which then get converted into cash for charity.  With Christmas coming and the likelihood of more stamped post coming through your doors, we thought it would be timely to remind you…

The Charity, Medical Detection Dogs, works in partnership with researchers, NHS Trusts and Universities and aims to train specialist dogs to detect human disease.

Dogs are renowned for their sense of smell and for centuries doctors have known that diseases have characteristic odours that dogs may be able to detect. For example, cancer cells release small amounts of volatile substances and Cancer Detection Dogs are being trained to detect these. The charity hopes their work and research will enable scientists to develop an early cancer screening system.

In addition Medical Alert Dogs are trained to assist individuals to manage complex medical conditions on a day to day basis. The dogs are trained to identify the odour changes associated with certain medical events such as diabetes and hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). Once trained the dogs will often recognise symptoms even before their owners do, and will bring any necessary medical supplies and raise the alarm if necessary – amazing!

You can find out more about the organisation at medical detection dogs.

If you would also like to help this organisation continue its life changing work, just collect any used stamps at home or work, pop them in a bag or envelope and bring them to our office in Frederick Street.  Our local Charity fundraiser Wendy Coley pictured with Gill, collects them from us regularly.

Our commitment to Loughborough

Our General Manager Caroline Nash, has worked for Gill Cooke for over 20 years and is fully committed to the town and its commercial growth and development.   To this end she has ensured her involvement and place in the following organisations:-

  • Loughborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce – Member of the Executive Committee for over four years.
  • Loughborough BID (Business Improvement District) / Love Loughborough – Board Member with particular involvement on both the Strategy and Adding Value Groups.
  • LATI – Loughborough Advanced Technology Initiative – Board Member.

A success story

Miroslav first came to our office in when he arrived in the UK from Slovakia in January 2008, and was introduced by friends who already temped for us.  Polite and respectful, he came across well but had limited English and we advised that he needed to improve his communication skills before we could help.

Two weeks later he returned and was so improved that we were able to place him into work!  We were impressed with his attitude to work in a new country, and his willingness to adapt and learn the language.  He had a good CV and scored 100% in our Maths test.

We secured him a long term assignment and, although the role was well below what he was qualified to do in his own country it was a start.  He worked there until January 2010 when he asked us to find him a new challenge.  By this time his spoken English was much improved, and with the experience he had acquired we were able to place him immediately with a major blue-chip client in their manufacturing team.  Prepared to work hard, commit to a challenging shift pattern, and with an exemplary attendance record, Miroslav’s abilities have been recognised and he has now transferred to a permanent role!

We are delighted to have worked with Miroslav over the past five years, and to have witnessed his progress from arriving in the UK.  He has reaped the benefits of his diligence and reliability, and has stayed in continuous, progressive employment ever since he registered with us.