Dear Gill Cooke Team,

We would like to thank you for all your help, patience and generosity. We couldn't be more lucky by having you on our side. You are a great team that do the impossible. We will always recommend you to all our friends and family. Take Care! We will miss you.

(Both Alev & Aylin now have permanent jobs)

Alev Mustafa & Aylin Zakirova

‘Gill Cooke Personnel has been a wonderful, family-friendly and fantastic organisation to work for and to  help me secure a permanent job. The staff are some of the best people I have met and interacted with, and they made me feel so welcome right from the very first day. It has been a privilege to be associated with them and I can never thank them enough for all they have done for me and my family. A five star review wouldn’t be enough to describe their professionalism and dedication to excellence.’

David Odetade

Its been a pleasure working for and with you all.

With your help i have been offered a permanent role at 3M, this reflects all you do for your employees and how highly you are regarded by 3M.

I had no hesitation giving you a 5 star google review .

Andrew Kirke

Gill Cooke have been amazing from the very first time I met them! Carol in particular has been fantastic! They are super friendly and you feel like they have your best interests at heart! They stay in touch from the minute you sign up and Carol found me the perfect job in no time! I really dont know what I would have done without them!
The process from start to finish was so smooth and easy, I dont know why I didn't go to them sooner!
Thank you so much for all your help!

Emily Moreton

I have been with Gill Cooke for over two years and have been impressed by the professionalism and versatility of the Team. They have put me forward for a variety of roles in which I have been able to prove myself using acquired experience in human resource management. The Team is high quality. They trust their employees, keep in touch and are sympathetic to individual personal circumstances. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any aspiring client or employee.”

Phil Churm

I have worked with Gill Cooke for a number of years, initially as an Employer and as a result of the excellent service they gave us I went to them when I was ready for a change.

The staff are absolutely lovely always making you feel good about yourself. More to the point they are really good at their jobs and find you great assignments where you can actually enjoy going to work.

Can't recommend them highly enough.

Julie Yassin

I cannot thank you enough for all or your help in securing me a job especially when at the time life wasn't going great.

Kate & Stephen have offered me a fantastic role and I cannot wait to see what the future brings for me at such a wonderful company.

Again, Thank you for all your help Hazel, its been a pleasure and take care.

Many Thanks,


Kris Morris.

In previous roles when I was responsible for recruiting for companies I worked for in and around Loughborough , Gill Cooke  Personnel was my first ever experience of using an Agency and I would still never go anywhere else!  Even now, more than 20 years on, it’s still the only agency I recommend to anyone who asks, whether they have a vacancy to fill or are seeking work themselves.  In addition to placing my wife and whenever I needed help they not only provided the right people, but Gill was brilliant and the team in the office were all great to deal with too.  We still cross paths to this day and Gill Cooke Personnel have always been a bright ray of light in the town, the gold standard, and long may that continue

Graham Waller

I really had an amazing experience working with Gill Cooke Personnel. I came to Loughborough in October to attend University and one of my dearest friend recommended me to join Gill Cooke Personnel. I got temporary work on campus itself which was very convenient and the timings were also flexible. Many thanks to Gill Cooke Personnel team. My special thanks to Sandra Di -Niro. She always makes sure everyone gets work. They have a great supporting team. Will miss working with them and would love to work with them again in near future.

Prachi Sarangle

After temping for us in 2008, 2014 and again from 2015 to 2018 Miroslava has now secured a permanent contract and wrote the following:-

To All,

I just wanted to write to let you know how much i appreciate your kindness and support. I'm so thankful for everything!!

A special thanks to Caroline, i know its your job but i still would love to thank you for your outstanding job. You've always been very helpful ad you made me feel special.

Thank you so much for being there for me, for all your help and encouragement. I will miss you and be forever grateful.


Miroslava Kozakova

Without doubt Gill Cooke Personnel changed my life for the best, I have now settled in to a great full time job after 6 months,the whole team are extremely helpful and willing the best for you,thanks to the whole team.

Nick Palmieri

Mel, I had not worked with an agency before now but found dealing with yourself and Gill Cooke to be very easy and this was a positive experience and one I would not hesitate to recommend to others. Thanks for the time I had with you.

Claire Lupton

I have worked for several agencies in the Loughborough area throughout the years, but Gill Cooke agency are without a doubt the most organised , friendliest team you will ever meet in the business. Thank you to the manager, Caroline and the rest of your hard working staff for giving me the chance to be apart of your business. I would honestly recommend anyone to use this successful agency recruitment in the future.

Liam Bradshaw

I had never worked for an agency before and you have been great!  It has been easy and stress free, and you even managed to get me into an entirely different type of work!  I’m really happy that my temp work has now led to a permanent contract after 2½ years.  I would definitely recommend your company to others looking for work.

Trish Gillman

Find another agency like Gill Cooke and I'll find water in Sahara desert. Caroline, the manager is one of the best people I have ever met. They guide me, direct me, give me advice and supported me through some hard times. I don't know what I would be doing if it wasn't for them. They deserves a massive recognition.

Marcin Palyska

I had an excellent experience with Gill Cooke and I definitely recommend the agency. Special thanks to Caroline and Sandra as I cooperate with them mainly. They were great at keeping in touch with me and kept me up to date with everything that I needed to know.
Gill Cooke work how I believe a professional, reputable recruitment company should work.
I appreciate everything very much!

Ela Kawulok

Best agency in Loughborough, people here would do anything to get you a job.
The nicest people you could possibly meet in this business, always there to help you!

Dimosthenis Ntroulias

Mel, I wanted to thank you for being such a good agency to work for – I have found working for the agency to be really easy and pleasant despite some of the horror stories you hear of agencies, I don’t think I could’ve had a nicer experience.  Thank you very much.

Kyra Murray

“Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me while looking for work.  I enjoyed my time temping for you but you’ve now placed me in something I’m really happy doing.  I have a Night Shift tonight then four fab days off. They are a great bunch at Polypipe and I can’t thank you enough for finding me this permanent job.  You have been great to deal with and I have already, and will continue, to recommend your services to others.”

Lenny Buttling

Gill Cooke are a fab agency with lovely staff. They are responsive and really look after their temps.

Thank you Gill Cooke!

Jess Hart

Gill Cooke has an awesome team! They are friendly, dedicated and always willing to help you!

Thank you for finding me a great job!

Andreea Podeanu

First of all the staff at Gill Cooke are absolutely amazing, don’t let the fact they are an agency put you off. I felt they truly looked after me during my time there, answered any questions and concerns I had which wasn’t many as they were very comprehensive. From finishing university with no experience, working in a warehouse with no relevance to my field of study. Gill Cooke have helped me secure a permanent position in the scientific sector. They’ve defined my career path and to be honest the rest of my life. I owe everything to them.

Matthew Cox

Very kind staff at Gill Cooke, always happy to help and very understanding. I have been working with them for nearly a year now and there are various job roles to suit everyone's needs and circumstances. They are always more than happy to help with references and recommend you to other employers if you’re hard working. They will support you fully and I can well and truly say my experience with Gill Cooke has been highly professional and there is nothing I can fault with them. All round great team of people that have a passion for helping others and looking after their employees. Fantastic! 5 out of 5

Federico Buccheri

To all staff at Gill Cooke Personnel. Though I have now transferred to a permanent contract I wanted to say it was a pleasure working for you and to thank you for helping me alway find work and keeping me busy. You always tried to find me the best positions, keeping my needs in mind. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a job and will certainly be back if I'm ever looking for work again. You were always so kind and welcoming, and went out of your way to recognise my birthday and give gifts at Christmas and Easter, which my previous employers didn't do even though I worked for them for many years! Thanks again for all you support.

Olga Panakova

Hayley - thank you for your time and assistance (and Dianna’s!) but please can you make my search inactive (or whatever the correct terminology is!) now I have been offered the brilliant new job.  Again, and I say this each time I have dealings with Gill Cooke, I have to say how impressed I am with the service there.  I've contacted other agencies throughout the years but the only one I would recommend to anyone is Gill Cooke.  Always responsive, always friendly and always helpful.  In a world where customer service - and definitely genuine friendliness – cannot be relied upon, it's heart-warming that this isn't the case with all you lovely people at Gill Cooke’s.  Thanks again.

Julia Ford

Caroline, I want you to know how much I appreciate what you and your team are doing for me.  You have been so kind and shown faith in me since I registered following my arrival from Romania seeking work.   If I could I would send you flowers each morning to show what it means to me to work for Gill Cooke Personnel.  I am grateful and loyal and love the job you have placed me in.  Thank you.

Chris Serban

Jane, I just thought I would catch up with you before I leave Intelligent Energy, where you placed me all those years ago!  I just wanted to thank you and the team for all the help and support you have given to me both personally and when I have been recruiting for various roles at IE. I think it is time to hang up my hat now unless of course come the winter I get bored and want to temp a little, then I shall be on your doorstep! I also have a carrier bag of stamps to drop in, so I will see you all soon. Once again, many thanks - your help and support has been much appreciated.

Pat Everett

I simply cannot fault Gill Cooke Personnel. All of the staff are lovely and so helpful. I was able to experience jobs that I simply wouldn't be able to attain without their expertise. I am so grateful for everything they have done for me and will always praise them for years to come and look forward to working with them again soon. The professionalism and dedication of the team simply cannot be matched and sets Gill Cooke apart from everyone else.

Akrum Menshawy

Mel, just messaging to say thank you for the wonderful card that I've received having just transfered to permanent status after 10 months of temping for you!

My experience of working for Gill Cooke Personnel has been wholly positive and I'd recommend you to anyone. Having had experience working for somewhat less-professional agencies in the past, it really stood out how great your company is at what you do!

Simon Clitheroe

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your hard work in keeping me employed for the last couple of years.

I thought that at 50 I was over the hill, but you have proved me wrong and have given me the confidence to keep applying.

One thing that I must say is that of all recruitment agencies I have come in to contact with Gill Cooke Personnel stand head and shoulders above the rest with your continued professionalism. Many thanks

Paul Barton

After initially contacting Gill Cooke Personnel I was invited to the office for an interview. On attending I was made to feel very welcome and put at ease very quickly, we went into a side room and discussed my requirements and I was told what was available. Within less than a week from contacting Gill Cooke I was in a work placement and 5 years and several assignments later, I am still working for them! I am enjoying the work, but best of all the variety of it, and the people I work with. Thank you Gill Cooke Personnel.

Jackie Cavner

The whole team at Gill Cooke’s are fantastic.  I have worked continuously for them on temp contract since May 2006, as a Lab Steward.  They have always looked after me – especially Mel who has been my contact the whole time.  I have never once had to worry whether I would be paid on time or correctly, and if I ever have a problem they are there to help me.

Greg Heare

I'd like to thank you and everyone at Gill Cooke for all the hard work you put into finding work for me and maintaining a really good relationship with all who I dealt with throughout my employment. It meant a lot as a young girl going into my first 9-5 job with a team of enthusiastic people behind me

Amy Waterfield

I would be the first to recommend Gill Cooke Personnel when looking for employment whether permanent or temporary, full or part time. Whichever you are seeking you are dealt with professionally and considerately and immediately assigned to an appropriate position as their vacancy opportunities are varied and numerous within the local area. In a nutshell you are not just a name added to an agency portfolio!  I was secured a great position of which I am thoroughly enjoying.  Thank you GCP.

Susan Latham

I'd just like to thank all of you for helping me secure my new position, I'm really enjoying working as a HR Advisor and looking forward to starting my career in this field. Thank you for all your support, it's been lovely to meet all of you

Shelley Moon

Thank you again lovely ladies at Gill Cooke's for giving me the opportunity of another fantastic career.  I am truly grateful to you

Marlene Barling

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